Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated (tempest_omouthy) wrote in gothamsfinest,
Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated


Hey guys! I'm late with my Dragon*Con pics, sorry. I got sick right after and got a promotion right before that I've had to master since coming back and blah blah blah! So here they are - a couple pics and a link to my flickr where you can see the rest!

These guys were by far our favourite duo aside from ourselves. That Joker's cane topper looks just. like. Hammel Joker! (The button Mistah J is wearing was actually given to me on the elevator by a guy saying I was his favourite Harley!!! It says "Aww, c'mon, Puddin'...Dontcha wanna rev up your Harley? VROOM VROOM!" :D :D :D)

I yelled out Dee Dee! and these girls yelled back Grandma! and it was amazing. :D

Included at my flickr - Dark Knight Bats who made a super frowny face to stay in character the whole time, Classic Bats and Boy Blunder, Vacay Joker (who my husband caught offgard by asking did he go on holiday before or after he raped Barbara Gordon) and me looking up Babs batskirt, amongst others. It's kinda awesome.
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